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My tweets

  • Wed, 15:20: Person next to me on the bus is asleep. This is awkward.
  • Wed, 15:48: WHERE IS MY iPod.
  • Wed, 15:49: In my pocket. Ok.
  • Wed, 16:00: I miss my DS.
  • Wed, 16:12: @joyjibberish hellooo miss Joy, how are you?
  • Wed, 16:25: Burnt myself on the oven :(
  • Wed, 16:31: When you want to talk to someone but you think you annoy them..
  • Wed, 16:46: So apperently me and a few friends are watching Doctor Who from series 1 to the most recent. Next week.
  • Wed, 16:52: My art.. Or graphic illustration.. teacher walked into the door today. LOL
  • Wed, 16:59: Am I the only one who doesn't give a crap about Halloween? Its pointless, really.